The (New) Tallest Chart In The History Of Manhattan Real Estate

With all the hubbub about the
new Manhattan residential price record of $238 million
potential ramifications, I wanted to create a chart to give readers
a sense of how disconnected this sale is from the prior records,
and from housing prices for mere mortals in already one of the
highest priced housing markets in the U.S.

I have done this before, first in
2012 when the famed $88 million penthouse sale at 15 Central Park
launched the global “super luxury” “aspirational pricing”
phenomenon and the subsequent
2014 Michael Dell penthouse sale at One57 of $100.5

But this time, given that this new sale would require a chart
that was more than double the height of the 2014 chart, I could not
find an affordable graphics app that could capture my Excel chart
but create an image (png, jpg, etc.) with small enough resolution
to be legible, yet still be small enough in size to be accepted by

My solution? Make a screencast video.

To watch this, first, pack a lunch. Then,
click here
or on the snapshots below of the top and bottom
segments of the tall chart to
play the video

Then relax and watch me start scrolling. It provides some useful
context and is pretty cool despite the poor audio quality:


Source: FS – NYC Real Estate
The (New) Tallest Chart In The History Of Manhattan Real Estate