Ride the New Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail

Protected bike lanes are becoming more common in many U.S. cities, and this one in Boston is a fine addition that will hopefully lead to even better things. Called the Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail, it’s the initial two-mile segment of what’s envisioned as a loop encircling the downtown area.

The idea was to connect historic sites via a safe bike route that would be useful to commuters as well as tourists and residents making routine trips.

Where it crosses driveways or parking lots, the bike lane is raised to the level of the sidewalk, function like a speed hump for drivers. It also features ample #freshkermit (a.k.a. green paint) to highlight areas where car and bike traffic might conflict. And the permeable pavement and bioswales add a green touch.

One section of the path runs in the center of the street, which has its critics. But in this case it makes much more sense to route cyclists away from busy sidewalks at North Station/TD Garden. I’d much rather ride in the center than contend with overflow crowds into the bike lane. ing with pedestrians and cars. Just imagine this scenario averted.

Big thanks to the good transportation folks from the City of Boston who came out to meet me after work with little notice to take a one-hour excursion with Streetfilms!

Source: streetsblog