Puma x Zappos Athleisure Wear

*Sponsored by Zappos.

Amen to those days that I get to wear my athleisure outfits! Comfort is everything for me…I can’t wait for weekends or evenings where I can put on a loose tee, cute leggings and sneakers – and just call it a day! I’m totally crushing on Puma’s athleisure collection that is available at Zappos.

I remember purchasing my first pair of Puma sneakers when I was in middle school – they were SO popular. You had to have one pair in every color combination, to be able to match with your outfit. I remember I was so proud of myself that I was able to purchase a pair of sneakers on my own. Puma continues to make me feel proud, comfortable and confidence in my own skin.

I absolutely love the message that the Puma x Zappos campaign is sending – “Do You.” I live by that motto day in and day out! No matter what life throws at you, whether it be something at work, family or friends – just remember to stay true to yourself and never doubt your self worth.

My comfort and confidence levels were definitely not lacking when I got dressed in Puma’s amazingly comfortable sneakers, the cutest floral leggings and this mesh white tee. This is seriously a typical outfit I would wear everyday if I had the chance.  Don’t have to worry about fixing my shirt every 2 seconds, my pants not fitting toward the end of the day because of my eating habits (LOL) or blisters from heels or flats!

I urge you to “DO YOU” and browse through the Puma selection at Zappos! I promise, you’ll be going back for a second order soon enough!

As always, thank you for reading!

*Photos by Xin Wang.

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