Heights Streets, Milled Weeks Ago, to be Paved This Week

On June 22 we warned that certain streets in Brooklyn Heights were to be milled, and then repaved, during the following week. The milling got done, but the repaving is taking longer. So far, Poplar, Schermerhorn, and Willow streets, as well as Monroe Place, have been repaved. The Brooklyn Heights Association has notified us that the remaining unpaved streets will, weather permitting, be repaved this coming week. The schedule is:

Monday, July 16: Middagh Street (photo).

Tuesday, July 17: College Place, Love Lane, and Remsen Street.

Vehicles left on these streets when work is ready to be performed will be relocated, generally within three blocks. DOT encourages owners of relocated vehicles to first walk around the neighborhood. If owners are not able to locate their vehicle, they may telephone their local precinct, 84 (718) 875-6811 to learn where it was towed to.

Photo: C.Scales for BHB.

Source: FS – New York + Brooklyn