Friday’s Headlines: Election Hangover Edition

Obviously the election will dominate the coverage today, with plenty of Friday-morning quarterbacking (NYT, NY Post, WSJ, amNY, Variety). But Streetsblog’s outgoing legend Ben Fried gave readers the most important take on how this election was a referendum to throw the bums out. R.I.P. I.D.C. In the big race, the Daily News wood (“Status Cuo-mo”) was the best (though I don’t love the hyphen).

In other news:

  • The MTA’s Twitter account has earned kudos in the past for being a little bit cheeky and trying to feel the pain of subway riders. Yeah, um, yesterday, that didn’t go over so well. (Post)
  • Jessie Singer of TransAlt offers a first-person piece for Medium about why she was willing to get arrested for the cause of speed cameras. One key takeaway: “Since 2014, the New York Police Department caught 520,000 speeding drivers. Speed cameras caught 4.6 million.”
  • Harvard researchers have figured it out! Plant more trees and make more room for bikes and everyone is happy (I’m paraphrasing, of course). (CityLab)

I’ll add more headlines as the morning progresses, so check back later.

Source: nyc.streetsblog
Friday’s Headlines: Election Hangover Edition