Everything Is Always Working Out 4 Me

Teleporting home for the holiday’s, with gifts and a bit of – extra
– luggage isn’t easy, except it was, thanks to Amazon Lockers.
Since I’ve been on the road again, I had little to no time – or
attention span – to holiday shop the way I’d ordinarily plan to.
So, I experimented for the first time with online shopping for gifts to go home with,
scheduling deliveries to arrive at the Amazon Lockers, conveniently
located in my local Whole Foods Market. This concept especially
came in handy when I managed to pick up a same-day Amazon
delivery on my way to the train. Not only did I arrive to the train
station early – a first! – I literally stopped to smell the roses
and picked up fresh flowers and a kombucha for the ride. Showing up
like Santa Claus herself, to Long Island. 
Reflecting back on my holiday experience, I realize how
relaxed and at ease everything felt. This isn’t because every
moment was perfect, there was tons of contrast leading up to
Christmas, beyond my expectation. Just as I was about to devolve
into some old ways of being, I remembered one thing – that everything is
working out for me. Every twist and turn I experienced
on my way home for the holiday’s was exactly what I needed in order
to grow and expand more fully into the new levels of awareness I’ve
been seeking since June. The lived-in comfort of knowing that when
things don’t go according to plan, it’s not only alright, but
necessary to still be glad and know that it is all for good
Sometimes going to-and-from and back-toward home again is no
easy feat, especially with (newly acquired adult) luggage filled with
newly acquired adult baggage. Entering a new year and sorting
through all the contrast, knowing more fully the things I don’t
want so I know what it is that I do want; excited about upcoming
travel, I placed all my focus on gearing up for adventure, meeting
people in a different city, seeing things my eyes had not yet seen
before. I turned my attention from things that didn’t feel good, to
things that did. In hindsight, I have no doubt, that this shift in
perception lead to a total shift
in experience. We can call this the path of least resistance, but I
committed to this way of thinking and it worked. Allowing happiness
to return to me, despite of the conditions or what I did 
or didn’t have going on was the key that unlocked a much more
satisfying, enriching experience. 

Suddenly, happiness was
everywhere. It wasn’t everyone at Christmas dinner being on the
same page and sadly, it involved the passing of a loved one, and
heartbreak; loss, and so much gain. It was a small victory in
learning to consider the possibility that there is always another
way of looking at things. Dark clouds turned into pink skies,
little moments that are big enough to snap you right back into the
vortex. It looked a lot like seeing through the frost;
three-generations drinking wine and playing Jenga together on
Christmas, having a two hour discussion about perspective in the
car with my sister and uncle, finding a mixed CD from high school;
titled ‘untitled’, driving in circles first toward the bluff, then
toward the mall. After hours, no-fog, late-night New York City
views from the highest box in the sky. Wings, gin, jazz. 

It feels like saying yes to adventure across the boarder
and leaving it all behind me, #deliveringsmiles
with a smile. 

If there’s a past, I’ve forgotten it.

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Everything Is Always Working Out 4 Me